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"BAHUDA" Ladies hostel is built inside the campus for the convenience of the girl students coming from various places in the State. The hostel is built with all facilities including mess with a capacity of 100 students per batch. The hostel is secured with guards 24 hours and a omni is provided for the emergency purpose.

Digital Library with high speed internet access is provided for the students for browsing international books and libraries for collecting valuable notes for their regular activities and also for the technical events

Canteen is situated in the college campus itself, with a good infrastructure providing good service for the students and staff in all the working days. The canteen can feed 100 students at a time.

Internet cafe with high speed internet access is provided in the college for the students in the college hours. A full time help is provided to students for browsing the net.

AITS sports academy has been encouraging students for playing various sports and games. For this purpose all facilities are made available for the students. Students of the institute have won many tournaments in cricket and volley ball.

Starting are provided with e-class room for practicing their seminar skills using OHPs and LCD projectors in the electronic class room.

25 security guards the college premises 24 hours with a good network in the premises.

Andhra Bank is located in the college premises and it is providing services to the students and college from march 2012.

Bus service is provided for the students residing in Rajampet and students attending the college from  the nearby areas.

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